Our History

Chuka University SACCO was started in the year 2009 under the name Chuka University College SACCO, at a time when Chuka University was a constituent college of Egerton University. The name has since changed to Chuka University SACCO Ltd (CUSACCO Ltd).

Since inception, the Sacco has been operating Back Office Services Activity (BOSA). The membership’s common bond is defined as Chuka University staff, though staff who leave and or retire are encouraged to maintain their membership.

The SACCO aims to leverage on the experience of other SACCOs who have broken the modes of traditional SACCO business to create new business opportunities as well as build on customer satisfaction. The SACCO Board aims to achieve well-structured and sustainable customer responsive products and services. CUSACCO offers products and services that are relatively common across the Cooperative movement in SACCOs.

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